Kimi Uegaki, PhD

Kimi Uegaki, medical writer en scriptiebegeleider

I offer dependable, high-quality medical writing and editing services on a freelance and remote basis. I also coach college and university students who are struggling with writing their bachelor or master theses. 

I have 20+ years of experience writing medical communications and research documents for various audiences:  patients and their families, decision makers, policy advisers, researchers, medical and health care professionals, and students. As a medical writer/editor and thesis coach, I make use of my research and clinical background as well as my experience working in academia, applied research, pharmaceutical consultancy, and the health care setting.  If you have any questions or would like discuss a potential project, do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to helping you achieve your research writing goals.

iWrite - Freelance medical writing and editing based in Leiden.


Scientific manuscripts? Conference abstracts and posters? Systematic reviews? Or perhaps another type of document. As your writing partner, I will ensure an effective writing process and high quality deliverables. Contact me if you need support to meet your deadline. 

 My research interests and expertise include

  • infectious diseases and vaccines
  • medical devices 
  • mental health and wellness
  • musculoskeletal disorders
  • neurological disorders

iWrite - Freelance medical writing and editing based in Leiden.


If you need help rewriting your document in any of the following ways, contact me:

  • shortening your abstract or text to meet word count limits
  • getting the right tone for your document
  • making revisions based on reviewer comments
  • improving the flow and readability of your document so it has impact

I can help you edit your document as needed in the following 3 ways:  

  • the "big picture" focusing on clarity, document structure & readability
  • technical details such as grammar, consistency and accuracy
  • a quality check
English language thesis coaching based in Leiden; Engels scriptiebegeleiding in Leiden


If any of the following circumstances apply, contact me:

  • "I'm struggling with defining the scope of my thesis."
  • "I'm falling behind schedule and at risk of having to pay extra tuition."
  • "My thesis was rejected."
  • "I need to improve the structure of my thesis."
  • "My progress is blocked because of "analysis paralysis" or perfectionistic tendencies.

I offer focused, personalized and affordable coaching to students who are writing their bachelor or master theses on a (para)medical, health- or life science related topic.